Cat & Small Animal Home Visits

Pet Visits & Feeding


Quite often neighbours and family can pop round and take care of your cats and other small pets, but that isn't always possible. This is where Complete Pet Care can help. Our pet visits and feeding services provides care for your pets whilst you are away. Visits are available in the morning, the afternoon and early evenings. 


During our visits we can also give your home that lived in look, we will pick up your post and move away from the door, on request we can open and close curtains, switch lights on or off, put your bins out of the designated days.


We offer a free meet and greet before booking in your dates. The meet and greet is designed for you to introduce us to your pets and go over their care routines and fill in the necessary paperwork. 


Please note after your last visit your key will NOT be posted through your door for security reasons, once you are home we will arrange a day / time to drop you key back round.


We offer 15mins, 30mins, 45mins and 60min visits. Please not that we are happy to sit and keep your pets company for the full visit period, however if your pet is not keen on company especially from stangers, we will leave if theyt disappear upstairs, outside or into another room away from us, so please consider this before booking anything longer than 30minutes.




This is the perfect solution to catteries. Most cats prefer to stay in their own bed, and own surroundings ......... what could be better? During the visit we will care, groom, feed, change water, play and clean litter trays to ensure that your cat is in good health whilst you are away. We can visit once, twice or more often if required daily to ensure that all your cats needs are catered for. 




Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Mice, Gerbils, Hamsters, Birds, Fish, Reptiles can also be cared for in your own home whilst you are away. We will care for you small animals, feed and clean them according to your normal care routines.