Self Service Dog Wash

Our self service dog wash is only available in Llansantffraid, Mid Wales. None of our other branches offer this service.



Due to demand for our professional dog grooming services, the self service dog wash slots are limited and only open on certain days and times.  Pre-booked appointments only, due to only allowing one family in the salon at anyone time, please contact us on 07533359158  for current availability. 


Self Services Dog wash

Is bath time not-so- fun at home?   Keep the mess of bathing your dog elsewhere and book into our private self service dog wash.

We supply everything you need, all you need to bring is your dog!

Dogs of all shapes and sizes can fit comfortably in the bath. Giving your dog a bath has never been easier, we will guide  through the process and discuss safety tips, once your dog is safely secured in the bath, we will leave you to it. 

There are many benefits of using our salon to bath your dog at instead of at home, including:-.

No fur or mess at home 

Quicker Drying Time

Access to professional shampoo

Pawfect for puppies, first timers or those with anxiety issues or will only allow their owner to do things


Everything you need

We will provide you with all the hot water, the shampoo. There is a supply of clean towels to dry your dog and you can finish drying them off with our high velocity dryers, choose from a selection of brushes and combs to get your fluffy friends looking great before giving them a spray of one of our doggy colognes before heading home. 



Prices start from £15, additional dogs can be bathed in the allocated time for an additional cost towards the shampoo/towels.

upto 30mins - £15.00

upto 60mins - £25.00

upto 90mins - £35.00

Additional shampoo / towels - £5.00

If you need slightly over you time -  additional 15mins - £5


Nail clipping and ear cleaning by a groomer can be carried out for additional charges during your appointment, these must be booked when booking your time slot, so we can allocate extra time onto the appointment.



By booking your own self service dog wash you accept you use the facility & equipment at your own risk. Complete Pet Care UK Ltd, assumes no liability or responsibility for loss, injury or damage to persons, dogs or property on or at the Complete Pet Care site including injury to damage resulting by reason of falls, fire, theft, vandalism, collision or act of third party.



The terms and conditions set out an agreement between 'you' the owner and Complete Pet Care UK Ltd.

  • Bathing and drying your own dog using our facilities, supervised or unsupervised you do at your own risk.
  • Complete Pet Care Dog Grooming can not be held responsible or accept liability in the event of any accidents as a result of using of our facilities.
  •  Please ensure you arrive & depot at your allocated time slot.
  • Payment is required prior to your self service starting.
  • Pets should not be left unattended in the area at any time, ESPECIALLY NEVER left unattended whilst in the bath and on a noose.
  • Use of the high velocity blaster should ONLY be done on dogs that are comfortable and happy with it. If your dog becomes stressed or shows signs  of anxiety during use of the equipment please stop immediately.
  • Misuse of our equipment resulting in damage of equipment will incur costs to you (the owner)
  • You the owner agree to use all equipment responsibly and agree to pay for any deliberate damages due to misuse.
  • Any HARMFUL / NEGLECTFUL behaviour or purposeful damage within the salon WILL BE reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • Dog must remain on a lead, held in arms or in carriers at all times and under the control of an adult. Please remember the salon is located on a small holding with live stock, owners pets and free range children.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied with an adult, and must not use the facilities.
  • Please notify the member of staff immediately if you have any spills so we can get it cleaned up as soon as possible. 
  • If you dog fouls in or outside the salon please use one of the poo bags available to pick it up. Please do not leave any poo for someone else to pick up.
  • Please do not bath a badly matted dog, this can make it worse.
  • For your dogs safety you must secure your dog whilst be bathed and dried.
  • Please beware this is a wet area and there is danger of slipping over, so please wear suitable footwear.
  • We reserve the right to refuse or terminate services to users who put the welfare of their dog or anyone at risk.
  • If bathing more than one dog in the allocated time, the other dog must be kept in the car or an appropriate adult available to hold whilst the other dog is being bathed, we are a CAGE free salon.
  • Remember SMILE your on CCTV




Frequently asked questions

How much time will I need?

Assuming you are planning to full bathe and dry your dog, we suggest 

Small dogs 30mins, Medium dogs 60mins and Large dogs 1.5hrs

However this always depends on the type of coat your dog has and how your dpg in when being bathed and dried.

Don't worry if you book a time slot and need extra time, we allow a 20min gap between each appointment so you can have an additional 15mins for £5.

Do I need to pre-book?

Whilst we MAY be able to accommodate last minute appointments, our self service dog wash in pre-bookable appointments only, due to the salon also being used for professional dog grooming services and only having one families dogs in the salon at any one time.

How do I book

You book by calling 07533359158

Do you need to be a certain age to book?

Anyone wanting to book their dog in and use the equipment MUST be older than 16years of age

Can I bring more than one dog

Yes more than one from the same family are allowed, they must be kept of leads at all times and an extra adult present to hold the dogs not being groomed.


The time slot booked is for one dog, if you want to bath more than one dog in the allocated time you are welcome, but an additional charge of £5 per dog will be added to cover the cost of the shampoo and towels used.

Will there be any other dogs in at the same time?

No, your appointment is for the sole private use, no other dogs will be in the salon at the same time.

Is the self service suitable for puppies?

Yes the self service is suitable for puppies, it is a great chance to get them used to the sounds and smells of the salon evironment should they require a full groom at somepoint.


Puppies should have had all vaccinations prior to being booked in.

Can my children or other members of my family come along?

Bath and drying your dog can be great family experince and a chance to bond with them. For dogs that are nervous, anxious or even a large breed having an extra famnily member over the age of 16yrs to provide an extra pair of hands can be useful.


However anyone under the age of 16yrs will not be able to use the equipment, and due to space and to help ensure the dog remains stress-free we recommend no more than 3 per dog. 


Young children MUST BE SUPERVISED by an adult at all times.

Will someone show me how to use everything?

During the session there will be a member of staff present  to talk you over how to use the equipment, and will be able to advise on the best shampoo to use.

Do I need to lift my dog into the bath?

We have steps into the bath, we are on hand to help assist getting larger breeds into the bath.

Can I bring my own shampoo?

All of the shampoos that we use are high quality, we understand that some owners may have medicated shampoo they would prefer to use. Feel free to bring your own shampoo if you want.

Can I use other equipment besides the bath & dryer?

Our self service if only for use of bathing and drying dogs and does not include the use of clippers or scissors.

Do you offer any additional services during the appointment?

Yes we can offer nail clipping or ears cleaning services during your appointment for additional charges. If possible these need to be booked prior to booking your self service wash so we can allocated the appriopriate extra time before allowing the next customer in. 

Do I need to bring anything with me?

The shampoo, towels and dryers are all included in the price, along with the use of our apron to protect your clothes and googles / masks for this extra hairy dogs.


All you need to bring is your dog and their lead and if you know you dog doesnt enjoy being dried then feel free to bring along their drying coat to pop on afterwards.

Does my dog need to be vaccinated?

Yes all dogs need to be vaccinated, or proof of titre testing