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Waggel Pet Insurance



We have teamed up with Waggel to give anyone that purchases a new insurance policy with them 1 month free insurance.


Waggel offers lifetime pet insurance, which means that a pet is covered for a set amount each year and the value renews every year. Lifetime insurance means that your pets conditions are covered for life, as long as they're still insured with them.


Your insurance covers: - Reocurring conditions, dental, perks & discounts unique to your pet, 24/7 video vet, fully digital claims, track your claims in real-time, access to your personal claims handler, online behaviour consultations, payment for loss, theft or death.


For a free quote and to take advantage the first month free click on this link, if you decide to get a quote and go back later, to make sure you receive your free month ensure you click on the link again.