Dog Walking


Exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy, fit has well as mentally and physically stimulated. By exercising your dog it not only improves your dogs wellbeing, but also helps to build muscle, prevents depression, stress, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural problems.


Our dog walking services is aimed at clients who are at work all day or who may be unable to walk their dog for any reason at all and need an extra helping hand. We understand that life can be busy, so we do our best to be flexiable as possible.


All dogs are kept on lead unless requested, and their recall is confirmed as adequate. Your dogs will never be walked off lead without your previous agreement and off lead disclaimer has been completed.


Dog walking boookings are taken on a first come / first served basis, we offer 2hr time slots where you state which times you would like your dog to be walked between, we will always do our best to walk at the time required but the 2hr slot gives flexibility for should anything during the day happen and we need to alter times slighly. 


Dog walking may be available on Public holidays and weekends at a higher rate and subject to availability, please contact your local branch for more information.


We are able to offer same day short notice dog walking for regular customer that we already hold keys for but it is subject to availability.


During the walk some of the branches use a GPS tracking system which tracks your dogs walks with us. At the end of the walk you are sent a email with all the details from the walk. You are able to see how far your dog has been walked, how long your dog has been walked for, if they have had a comfort break, pictures from the walk and any note the walker feels you need to know. All new customers using a branch that uses GPS will automatically enrolled on this, but you do have the option to not receive the notifications should you wish. At the end of each week, all data from each walk is deleted from our system.


Please contact your local branch for a free meet and greet with you and your dog to discuss your requirements in more detail. We use the meet and greet to learn about your dog to esnure that we privide them with the best possible care. You are under no obligation to use our service.



All branches offer solo dog walk (unless the dogs are from the same family). Solo walks are when the dogs are walked by themselves for the duration of the walk. 



Some Complete Pet Care Branches offer group walking, before any dog can join a group walk the walkers will assess the dog for suitability to see which group they would be best suited in.