Dog Grooming

Regular grooming is an important part of canine welfare, all dogs need regular grooming in order to remove dead hair, dirt and parasites To learn more about our Dog Grooming Services click the link below.

Dog Walking

Exercise is essential to keep dogs healthy, fit has well as mentally and physically stimulated. By exercising your dog it not only improves your dogs wellbeing, but also helps to build muscle, prevents depression, stress, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural problems. To learn more about our Dog Walking Services click the link below

Cat & Small Animal Home Visits

Quite often neighbours and family can pop round and take care of your cats and other small pets, but that isn't always possible. This is where Complete Pet Care can help. Our pet visits and feeding services provides care for your pets whilst you are away. Visits are available in the morning, the afternoon and early evenings.  To learn more about our Cat and Small animal home visits click the link below.

Puppy & Elderly Dog Visits

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